We know that filing any type of whistleblower claim can be difficult.  Many whistleblowers have already suffered retaliation, discrimination, termination, or embarrassment at the hands of their employees or other entities simply for speaking out against actions which they believe to be wrong.


Healthcare fraud is a nation-wide problem that is undermining our federal, state and private health care system.  Since Medicare, the federal program which provides coverage for the elderly, blind and disabled, is the single largest payer of health care costs in this country, health care fraud has a devastating effect on our national budget.


Haron Law Group are leaders in providing business and corporate legal services to clients in the metro Detroit area and beyond.  We have represented our clients in connection with matters ranging from formation of business entities to drafting shareholder agreements to complex litigation.


Arbitration and mediations are methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that may offer clients a less costly alternative to trial.  David Haron has 40 years of experience and training handling general civil court-annexed mediation and arbitration, FINRA and AAA securities arbitration and mediation, Bar Association Grievance fee mediation and False Claims Act mediation.