Health care fraud is a nation-wide problem that is undermining our federal, state and private health care system.  Since Medicare, the federal program which provides coverage for the elderly, blind and disabled, is the single largest payer of health care costs in this country, health care fraud has a devastating effect on our national budget.

Health care fraud threatens our economy, the integrity of the health care system, and most disturbing, patient safety. While the majority of health care professionals are dedicated to helping patients, unfortunately there are unscrupulous providers whose greedy actions are contrary to providing the best and most appropriate care to patients.

The federal False Claims Act (FCA) provides a mechanism for whistleblowers to file a lawsuit, on behalf of the federal government, if those whistleblowers have information about health care providers committing fraud against the federal government.  In light of the size of Medicare and the proliferation of health care fraud, the FCA has been employed successfully over the last 25 years to recover over $20 billion in money stolen from the government through health care fraud.

Specific types of health care fraud include, but are not limited to: